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My artwork is more family oriented work. There will be blood and violence here and there but in general this gallery is meant to be family friendly. If you're looking for adult things plenty of better artists and writers who can provide, you just won't find it here.


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Quick question in regards to Strangely Scientific since it's been on my mind. I admit I've been wanting to change the style to my usual style since the one I currently have isn't sitting well with me so... thoughts? 

45 deviants said I say go for it.
35 deviants said Whatever gets us more pages please do what you feel is right. =)
6 deviants said Keep it the same.
Well good news everyone, one more week after this and then finals week then I am done with this semester! Then it's one to the next to last one then I'll be a graduate. Looking forward to that day of freedom but for now, just gotta keep working.

So, a short update on projects.

Glitch Pulse - This will be released around sometime in December. Can't guarantee when but expect sometime around the 14th or 15th. (Well, if I can still even upload stuff by then. Please support Net Neutrality guys.)

Wing Time - The prologue has been completed which makes me super duper happy I was able to do it. When the the 1st chapter will come out is up for debate but after this semester is out I am making plans to work on it since I have some details solved now and what not. Stay tuned though because it will be coming back.

Strangely Scientific - Yep, this one will be coming back too once school is out. Though again be prepared for inconsistent updates since life is just unexpected and there are other projects taking top priority.

Immortal 7 - Same at Strange. I really want to get the prologue done so I can move forward since I just want to be able to finally lay this story to rest and let it be out there for all to read.

Don't Starve Storyboard - Made some progress but not a ton. This one has been the back burner due to school but I do intend to get rolling on this one once I have more time open up. Though mainly after I get my Forge animation done. Speaking of.

The Forge Animation - This was supposed to be a storyboard/animatic but then I got carried away... again. Woops. Making progress though. I'm about half way done I think. Hard to determine with this one since there are segments from the very beginning that haven't been colored yet but I'm saving them for last since they're the easiest of the stuff I have to do out of this whole thing. Most of it is boarded save the last few seconds of the video. Some of you are catching on to what I'm doing but I'm not gonna confirm or deny anything being said. =) You'll know when the video is officially released which I do want to get done by some time next month. We'll just have to see what happens. 

Red Bubble Shop - Gonna keep shamelessly promoting myself but as I mentioned last journal I do have a Red Bubble shop and I'm working on new stuff I'm going to be adding to it including some fan stuff for y'all. =D If you have any suggestions please let me know and you might see it pop up in the shop. If you wanna check out what I have currently please follow this link here:…

One last side note, I am working on a lot of original stories and projects as well so if you want some more details on those suckers I recommend checking out my alt dA account BlueSky-Writer or my tumblr theblueskyphoenix. =) Been working on some new stuff like Glitch Pulse and something Don't Starve inspired so if you liked Survive the Shadows or any of my Don't Starve work, please consider checking it out.

And that's all folks. Love you guys.

Stay awesome!

- Aileen Rose
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Aileen Rose
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United States
Hello there! My name is Aileen Rose! If the hat hasn’t tipped you off already I am a fan of PIXAR. Actually I’m a HUGE fan of PIXAR. I love all their works and they have been inspiring to me since I was young. I also love other companies like Dreamworks and Illumination. Honestly I love a lot of different animation companies. I hope to one day work for one as a story boarder, writer, or maybe an animator. Still got a long way to go but one day I’ll get there. My other hope is to one day publish my own comic on the side. For now I enjoy experimenting with my stories whether it be fanfiction or my original work. Hope you enjoy what you find here, and don’t be shy. Catch ya later!

"The most important thing when we design our characters is capturing someone's essence, and the viewer will project that person onto the characters design."
-Ricky Nierva
Production designer


It's that time again...

4-5 weeks left of this semester… I’m gonna be busy for a little bit. Ehehehe… comics are gonna have to be put on the back burner till the madness that is the end of the semester homework piles are crushed. I will still work on small drawings and covers but Glitch Pulse and other comics are going to be the bottom of the list of things I have to do during a week. 

I am so so so so sorry guys. I really do not mean to keep putting off the updates but sadly school is just murder during this portion and I really want to do well in my classes so my studies have to come first and there is A LOT to get done right now. From 3D models to papers to last big art assignments. 

So… Yeah. Again. I am so sorry. While this semester hasn’t been as stressful as the last semester I still usually come home brain dead and pass out on the bed for a few hours then jump straight to homework and then after homework is done I just don’t feel up for complex projects like my comics or animations or storyboards so I default to sketches or relaxation projects or fun pictures for my friends. (Or just goof off with Storm over chats.) 

I really want to get back into routine with my comics just now is not the time. I thank you guys who have the patience to put up with my nonsense and are patient about wanting to see my stories. I really do want to share them with you guys just sadly I have to balance my fun stuff with work and school and well things tend to fall out of balance when homework ramps up. (Especially with 3D. It is a time eater. I’ve seriously grown a new found respect for 3D modelers and animators.) 

So, again, thank you for those who are willing to be patient with me and have been supportive. It means a lot and I do hope that when I do get back into the swing of things, it’ll be worth the wait. 

Stay cool everyone. 

- Aileen Rose

Spam alert. Bringing over asks from the StS tumblr here to dA that I forgot to post last year sooo incoming! 
Hey, girls who wanna voice act and wanna have a shot in voicing a character in one of mine and Storm's videos. 
This might interest you:…

I was dared to do this. All I can say is, poor Wilson.…



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