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Planes: Zed and Ned by Aileen-Rose Planes: Zed and Ned by Aileen-Rose
Updated Designs Here:
Planes: The Twin Turbos by Aileen-Rose

Phew I'm on a bit of coloring roll, but this will be the last one for tonight.

Anyways the twin turbos Zed and Ned. I simplified the paint jobs down a little and well... I dunno. XD Wasn't hard to design the two since they're twins and are basically each other just with different outfits.

That's another set of characters down. All we have left is Ripslinger, Franz, Echo, Bravo, and Dusty.

Zed and Ned (c) Disney

Human Designs (c) :iconaileen-rose:
X-distroyer Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015
Cool work.
FjordMustang Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
That was fun to see-- they are kind of the same, aren't they?  Just one is a whole lot dumber than the other.

I like the outfit design. 

It'll be nice to see your other characters.  Wonder if Echo and Bravo will play on the Top Gun Val Kilmer/Anthony Edwards thing.  Also, while I was in Greenland, I had a great idea about Rochelle you might incorporate after I watched a fantastic theatre production about Greenlandic culture and with the music of the fantastic band Nanook! (If you like Sigur Ros, you might like them-- they are a more gritty, rock based version but they still have a dreamy sound and they sing in Greenlandic/Inuit)

Anyway, Greenlanders are originally from the same stock as Inuit people from Alaska and northern Canada, especially the northeast.  Some of them have also intermarried with Danish immigrants to Greenland, so their kids are this amazing mixture of Inuit/Scandinavian features-- lots of green eyes and even a blend of light brown/black and even blond hair.   I remembered that there are some Inuit communities in northern Quebec.  Rochelle is supposed to have gotten her "racing experience" from delivering goods to remote communities around Canada, learning quick mechanical fix up processes along the way.  Since there are Inuit communities in Northern Quebec, Rochelle might actually be from a more remote French Canadian upbgrining-- maybe she might be a child of a family who had a mother from Inuit Quebec and a French Canadian father and she wound up growing up in her life in rural Canada and Montreal/Quebec City so she is a blend of both cultures.  That might be where she has her ability to make do in the wilderness with great outdoor skills and maintenance and her competitive nature-- it's a blend of two cultures.

Just a fun idea to play with.
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September 21, 2013
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