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My artwork is more family oriented work. There will be blood and violence here and there but in general this gallery is meant to be family friendly. If you're looking for adult things plenty of better artists and writers who can provide, you just won't find it here.

Note: No, I don't do requests. Please don't ask me.

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Wed Apr 1, 2015, 2:47 PM
Her work, her choice. That's all there is to it.
Tue Mar 31, 2015, 3:51 PM
Tue Mar 31, 2015, 3:36 PM
Tue Mar 31, 2015, 2:43 PM
Well based on the poll looks like we'll be getting Fires of Life after Reconfigure finishes.
Mon Mar 30, 2015, 7:57 PM

Trying to decide what'll post after Recomfigure is finished. Your thoughts? =) You're my readers after all. 

20 deviants said Fires of Life! (Planes: Fire & Rescue AU)
12 deviants said Digimon Hero 6! (Big Hero 6)

Current Situation

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 20, 2015, 12:00 PM

Well it's been about a month since I've written a journal so time for a quick update on what's going on.

So I got three weeks left of school and I'll be done with my first year of college. O___O It's crazy man. It... Flew. Seriously, where did all the time go? None the less, that means finals are coming up soon, not to mention the homework load is getting a bit heavier than usual. (It almost seems like unwritten law that by the end of a school year, it seems required to stack up a ton of work on students. Don't know what that's all about.)

Anyways, when the semester ends I'll be moving into my new apartment and.... it will have good wifi that will allow me to access dA without having to use data. But bear in mind this is only when I'm home. Not at school. When I'm on campus it's still not possible without data. After I move in I might be going home but that's debatable. I'm planning on staying here in Idaho for work since getting work back in California is rather tricky and on top of that I would lose the job pretty fast since I would have to go back to Idaho in the fall. I'm currently applying for a job and am hoping I get it. If not I'll keep searching. All I know is, I will still have something keeping me busy. Can't do dA all the time.

What does this say for commissions? ... I'm still taking points. I really like having a subscription and points are kind of the way to go. Plus I kind of know nothing of pricing things correctly in money terms. There will be some edits made to the menu again concerning some prices and new things I'm offering but that's all in good time. As for the commissions I have left, I'm slowly getting them done. Just be patient with me. Brain has been kind of fried the past couple of days.

So yeah, let's move on to that to do list shall we?

Stuff for the People:

As stated above I am working on the last set of commissions slowly. Another batch will be opening up, most likely at the end of the semester. This time around however I'm only taking 5. @___@ Ten almost killed me so we're gonna avoid that this time. I'm gonna ask if you ordered something last time to wait a day so others can get a chance since the number of slots is lower this time around. Also, since there only five slots, one commission only per person. I let it slide last time because there was ten.

People on my list:

Planes/Cars character icons:
Planes Character Icons List by Aileen-Rose

I did not forget about this. I just got tied up in other things. I swear I am going to get all the icons done. Though one thing I have to say. For the love of flight, if you request an icon please at least use it once or say you don't want it anymore. I hate putting icons to waste after making them, plus someone else might want the character. Just please... And there are plenty of characters left and I can do Cars characters as well. (I need to update the title card...)

People on my list:
FavoriteArtMan - Pulsaski
Alida-Thestral - Little King

(If you've changed your mind please alert me.)

Planes Squadron Helmets:
Planes: Squadron Helmet Chart by Aileen-Rose

Didn't forget about this either. Plus I love meeting other F/A-18 superhornets. These helmets are fun. If you got a character of the sort, I can make one. =) Just ask on the deviant by filling out the template. Only thing I ask is they're somewhat viable characters. As in they're characters you've had for awhile and not ones you made up on the spot.

People on my list:

That about wraps this up. Let's move on to my personal projects.


Immortal 7:
Fandom: Big Hero 6
The prologue has been completed. =D I'm so excited to share the others parts I've been working while the prologue was running. Hopefully I can keep up the pace but we shall see as we go.

Fandom: Planes x Tron
I swear I'm gonna get this story finished. I kind of left it at a huge cliffhanger so it wouldn't be fair to just drop it all of sudden. So yeah, on my list.

Fires of Life:
Fandom: Planes
I'm not sure when I'll be bringing the story here, but it's currently running on my account. Probably after I finish Reconfigure but ya never know.

FF. net link:…

Pups of Propwash:
Fandom: Planes
Yeah I'm gonna do it, just need to write a few stories before I get to posting it. Also, I just want to get some big stories fully posted before we move back into short stories again. It can get overwhelming having a lot of stories posted at once.

Old Friends:
Fandom: Big Hero 6
This one will only be on for quite awhile. Mainly it won't be coming till the Immortal 7 comic is finished, becuase this story takes place in that particular series. But if you want to read it early, I will provide the link, I just reccommened reading the literature version of Immortal 7 first along with the other series, Immortal Life. If you're wondering, the story centers around the OC I've been developing known as Kathleen. I'll be posting artwork from time to time on this story here on dA so yeah...

FF. net link:…

Mechanid World Series:
Fandom: World of Cars
Ah I have not forgotten about this series. Heaven forbid the day I do. I put too much work into this world. We got all sorts of stuff coming up.

Piston Peak Chronicles: Brace yourselves, new characters coming in along with news stories.

Mechanid World and The Remembered: The kids have finally arrived so it's time for new adventures to start for our characters and their children. Plus ghosts are there to help out. All fun stuff.

We'll Be Immortals: as this series is fun. Crossovers in general are fun. =D But yeah, story is still going.

Digimon Hero 6:
Fandom: Big Hero 6 x Digimon
I've already started writing this one I just don't know when I'll start posting the chapters. Though then again, I'm probably gonna wait till Storm has posted all of From the Ashes here on dA. Till then, this story is on standby and ready to launch.

Ask Accounts:
=D Oh my gosh you guys are so awesome. Really appreciate the questions coming in. Seriously, I love the fact the old account is up and running and Ask the Mechanid is still running strong.

Still taking questions, and on top of that we will be getting new characters soon on that account. =) Just keep asking.

Ask inbox is currently closed due to the inbox overflowing and some characters need design updates. (Which shouldn't take too long now.) On top of that new characters coming. (Certain next gens along with other OCs.)

So yeah, thank you for all the support and I look forward to future questions.

Study of Machines:

Not sure when I'll continue this, but I want to. I don't want to lose my touch with drawing machines. But I also don't want this turning into requests. >___O Hm... I don't know. I love drawing other people's OCs. Maybe I'll leave this in raffle mode. I don't want to have to owe anyone so... I think what I'll do is just ask for SUGGESTIONS. Note, these are character drawings, very much like what I've done before.

See here:
Machine Study Set 1 by Aileen-RoseMachine Study Set 2 by Aileen-Rose

And like the last set they'll most likely get a Mechanid World card. (Debatable though.) If I've drawn your character before, don't ask for them again. Let other people give suggestions. Reason I say suggestions is because then I'm not obligated to finish it in case something comes up. (No payment is required so nothing lost.) My only other rule with is the character you suggest has to be VIABLE. As in you use them, you do stuff for them. In simple terms, they're an OC you give love and life to. If the character doesn't meet those requirements then don't request them. That's all I ask. (And it has to be YOUR OC.)

Finishing the Mechanid Fire and Rescue Cast:
*hisses* I'm not gonna let this beat me. There isn't even that many characters left! Let's see...

Dusty (Trainee and Certified)
New Mayday
Secretary of the Interior

Total: 8

I have half these sketched for heaven's sake. I'm gonna do it. I did the first 18 characters, I can sure as heck finish these guys. Then make a collage. That's always the grand prize.

And I think that's about everything... Gosh there's a lot going on around here isn't there?

If I forgot anything I apologize. I'm pretty sure half of my brain is missing from all the homework I've had to do.

Thank you if read all this. Till next time, stay awesome.

Love you all.

- Aileen Rose

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Aileen Rose
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello there! My name is Aileen Rose! If the hat hasn’t tipped you off already I am a fan of PIXAR. Actually I’m a HUGE fan of PIXAR. I love all their works and they have been inspiring to me since I was young. I also love other companies like Dreamworks and Illumination. Honestly I love a lot of different animation companies. I hope to one day work for one as a story boarder, writer, or maybe an animator. Still got a long way to go but one day I’ll get there. My other hope is to one day publish my own comic on the side. For now I enjoy experimenting with my stories whether it be fanfiction or my original work. Hope you enjoy what you find here, and don’t be shy. Catch ya later!

Check out my Atlus Study Blog here ->

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"The most important thing when we design our characters is capturing someone's essence, and the viewer will project that person onto the characters design."
-Ricky Nierva
Production designer

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