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Ship War Free

My artwork is more family oriented work. There will be blood and violence here and there but in general this gallery is meant to be family friendly. If you're looking for adult things plenty of better artists and writers who can provide, you just won't find it here.

Dusty [Animated] QueenShadow2015 by ShadowWolfCelica
Click on Dusty to check out the Ask the Mechanids Blog!


Unsung Hero has finished its posting course. What shall it be? 

8 deviants said Time Leaks (New Blood Trio Time Travel Story)
8 deviants said Data Legend (Final installment of the Data Trilogy Remix)
6 deviants said Miracle Feathers (DerekxAngie) (Lit rewrite)

Well, Getting there.

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 6, 2015, 9:33 PM

Really needed to get rid of that tag journal. O__e Also... please stop tagging me. I'm not taking anymore. Too much insanity!

Anyways... ah lot of work going on around here... so... let's start with real life.

As it stands, I am home for the summer. I won't be going back to Idaho for school till September. I'll still be job hunting but... I dunno. Just part time stuff. Hopefully I can find some work. We shall see. But here is hoping I can get some work in there.

Alright story time!

World of Cars/Mechanid World Fan Fictions 

Bullet; Red Fires of Life:
This story has been fully written and is being edited. Glad to finally be done writing this. And right around Fire and Rescue's anniversary too. So yeah... that one gets some priority in getting posted once editing is completed. Can't wait to show you the rest of the story.

Bullet; Yellow The Machina Era:
This is one I've been meaning to update for awhile just... keep forgetting. @__@ Storm and I kind of have A LOT all set to go in the documents. Just... Too much to post without causing spam.

Bullet; Orange Piston Peak Chronicles:
Two more parts till we have New and Old Faces completed. Hope you're enjoying what you're seeing so far... after that... I'll say this... a little ranger is coming.. >w> *nudge nudge*

Bullet; Blue The Remembered:
I do have some more stories to post but again... it's the whole, a lot of stories, so little time to post problem.

Bullet; White Pups of Propwash:
I'm just putting this here just so you guys know this series to be is NOT dead. Just... we got a lot going on around here.

Bullet; Red Of Cars and Planes and System Data:
Nothing for these two for the time being. I'm kind of stumped on what to write about so those are just on the back burner for the time being. Besides, already got enough going on right now. 

Anything on the Storm-Rose account I'll talk about there. Just not here.

Big Hero 6 Fan Fictions 

Bullet; Yellow Immortal 7:
Ah the pages are coming along just nicely for chapter 2. =) You guys will get your updates. Promise.

Bullet; Blue Digimon Hero 6:
I haven't touched it in a bit but I do promise it is coming. Just got one too many stories running right now. Plus I kind of want this one fully written before beginning to post. But again, just stating, this story has not been forgotten.

Bullet; White UnBroken:
Like with DH6 I just haven't touched it. I need the drive when it come to some things and with stories it's a must to have your muse in full swing before tackling. So this one is on the back burner for now.

Trauma Center/Team Fan Fictions 

Bullet; Blue Data Legend:
The now leading Trauma Center story in posting. You have NO idea how happy I am to finally be posting chapters for this story. Waited so long and.. I'm just happy I finally get to retell the last part of the Data Trilogy in a brand new way and what not. Plus... Gabe. Ya can't go wrong with having Gabe around.

Bullet; Yellow Miracle Feathers Time Leaks and Dream Runner:
On stand by till Data Legend finishes. And of course a poll will help decide on that one. Just the rule of the game. I'm just happy most of these stories are finished and ready to go.

Bullet; Red Omni-Hospital, Trauma High and Trauma Time:
All in the reworking progress and being plotted out and basically on the back burner till they are figured out. Till then, they're still in preliminary stages.

Bullet; Green Patient Death:
I don't need to say much on this since Bloody covered it on a journal in the group. But yeah, we're making good progress. Half the chapter is basically colored and set to go. Just all in good time with posting. Everything is paced around here.

And that's it for the stories I am running here. There will be another journal on Storm-Rose after this one covering that side of the works. Now that stories are out of the way, let's talk projects.

Art Projects  and What Not

Someone called an ambulance! Trauma Center 2031
Still a work in progress but I'm getting there. This is something to take in small bites since there are plenty of characters to cover. But hey, work in progress at least. I swear to finish though.

Bullet; Red Mechanid Fire and Rescue Cast
Same with the project above this is something I have to do in small doses. I've found doing things in big bites can be rather tiring and can in fact slow things down even more so... I am gonna be tackling this head on and I'm gonna shoot to finish before the end of this month. Just... I want to finish. I did the first cast, I can do these guys too.

Note Ask Account Stuff
Boy the inbox just gets stuffed to the brim don't it? O_e;; I am trying... just lot of ground to cover... I promise I'll get to questions for Mechanids and my account as soon as I can.

Points Commissions
I got two commissions I still need to finish and I intend to. Just been busy as heck. As for when I'll reopen only heaven knows. I just have not been up for doing them lately. Already got enough art stuff I wanna do. It's just one of those things you have to feel up to it before jumping in. So no commissions still. PLEASE do not ask me. Any questions asked concerning the matter I'll just ignore.

That should be it for now. I do have other stuff in the works... but I can't talk too much about them yet. Secret stuff, and stuff I want to be sure can get off the ground.

And yeah, that's all ya really need to know.

Love you guys. Stay awesome!

- Aileen Rose

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Aileen Rose
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello there! My name is Aileen Rose! If the hat hasn’t tipped you off already I am a fan of PIXAR. Actually I’m a HUGE fan of PIXAR. I love all their works and they have been inspiring to me since I was young. I also love other companies like Dreamworks and Illumination. Honestly I love a lot of different animation companies. I hope to one day work for one as a story boarder, writer, or maybe an animator. Still got a long way to go but one day I’ll get there. My other hope is to one day publish my own comic on the side. For now I enjoy experimenting with my stories whether it be fanfiction or my original work. Hope you enjoy what you find here, and don’t be shy. Catch ya later!

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"The most important thing when we design our characters is capturing someone's essence, and the viewer will project that person onto the characters design."
-Ricky Nierva
Production designer

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